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Prioritizing my peace was very foreign to me. The crazier life became, the more I craved it. Why? Because I didn't know how to stop.

To be honest, my life is still constant moving parts. The difference is, I crave the slow down. I crave the present moments. I crave the connection between my heart and my brain.

Out of allll people, I never thought I could be this person. Never is such a strong word, like always. So, I figure why not always instead of never?!

I thought that "inner peace" was just some hippy-fad term that was created around a campfire. Well, if that is the case, I'll grab my guitar and start singing cumbia! It really is a thing; a tangible thing.

I can now say, while taking a step back, peace has its place in my life. No longer seeking permission to prioritize what I rightfully own. That's the thing, we don't need permission to do and feel better. That is made up. I say write your own story with lots of new beginnings and a whole lot of peace!


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