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Hurdles, walls, blockages, challenges.....we all have them. Reflecting back a few months, I've been able to appreciate all the barriers I have overcome. Although there will be more as my journey continues, I know I will be able to approach them with my eyes wide open, healing through the barriers that will become steppingstones and lessons learned.

What barriers are for me will not be what they are for you as they come in all different forms and facets. They can come with a crippling anxiety with just the mere thought of "how am I going to do this". Pushing them away makes the wall bigger and harder to climb. Sometimes they are disguised as reactions that are amped up and misplaced.

What is a barrier that is stunting your growth? How has it affected your relationships?

Does it consume your day to day with unnecessary grief? STOP. BREATHE. When all of this is laid out, we have to be able to have room for it. We have to clear space on all levels. Prioritizing self-love, self-care, and self-forgiveness. We need the mental clarity to put forth a plan of action attending to the barrier. In other words, become YOUR priority! It won't always be easy, but it will be worth every ounce of effort towards the end goal. Things don't change unless you make them change. Hop in that driver's seat and steer onto the road that is right for you; the road that makes you happy, content, and grateful. Now accept the challenge and know you are as capable as you choose to be <3.


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