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Don't Sell Yourself Short!

We all choose a story about ourselves. It can be simple or complicated, none the less, it is the narrative you apply in daily living. It is comfortable to create a story and stick with it, so we don't have to make that necessary change. Because when it comes time to dig deep and unpack our vulnerabilities, we have already assigned a storyline to them. Why? Why do we set ourselves up for failure in this way?

If you continue to assign yourself a story that serves you zero growth, goodness, or joy, then it becomes the epidemy of the very thing we are trying to heal through. YOU are an empowering, capable, loving human being. Choose forgiveness of yourself. Place gratitude onto you. This shift is vital to ensure your ability in moving up the ladder to peace in your soul.

Don't sell yourself short! Your story is exactly what you speak of it! Be intentional with your actions. Take the time for true self-reflection and give yourself the love you need in creating the best story possible. The versions are limitless. We are what we say we are; corny yes, true, absolutely!


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