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It occurred to me, more so recently after my 41st birthday, that time is of the essence. My oldest child is headed to high school and the next 4 years will fly by. With this thought, I found myself thinking more about me, my journey to come, and my place on this earth.

Longevity is what I crave. As for many of us, it is what we put in place NOW to assure the most sacred journey we can live. Balancing all of our internal and external needs, wants, and experiences. So, what can we do to lead to a path of fullness?

First things first, accountability! What's that definition of insanity again.....doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. I don't want any part of that. Holding ourselves accountable is imperative to longevity!

Let's not forget about consistency! Which of course comes with our buddy accountability. Being consistent in our intentions, healthy choices for mind, body, and soul, our positive self-talk; this list goes on and on!

And then there is balance. Balancing our ups with our downs, our wrongs with our rights, and our hates with our loves. Fueling the daily wins by filling our cups to the top with joy, self-love, self-value, and being present. The stress of so many things along the way is inevitable, but balancing it is key.

So, if you are wanting the long hall of longevity, start somewhere, anywhere, and start now. Thanks friends <3.


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