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Mama's Sanity!

Mom, mommy, mama, mother.....there is nothing else in the world like it! Don't blink!

As a mom of 5, yes 5 children, the day-to-day struggles can be pressing. The amount of absolutely, utterly, unconditional love for our children is always there, but that does not mean in the throes of attempting to dress a toddler is our sanity!

Contrary to belief, YOU ARE MORE THAN A MOM! Hard to believe, I know. The many hats we wear require a fundamental amount of energy of all kinds. It requires so much of us to accomplish all of the things in a given day, that by the end of it, well, we don't know who we are. What happened to the woman underneath the mom robe?

We are allowed to be just as content and fulfilled as the next person while also filling our role as mom. Accepting where you are in that span of child chaos can make a difference in your perceived view of how you are doing things. So, take a breath, take a step back, and just know you are human <3. And I ask you as one dedicated mama to the next, what does that non-mom version look like on you........


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