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Look at a window. The frame holding the glass in place. The glass being so fragile, yet the frame protecting it.

I bring this up not to just trick you to look outside, however, to bring up the comparison of our mindset. Our mindset frames our outlook on everything. Where we are, where we are headed, who is coming with us, why we are going in that direction; well, you get my point.

Think about your day so far and what mindset you were in. How did it affect the outcome of your day? Implementing a positive, growth mindset can stop the cascade of (pardon my language) crap to deal with! Well, that's great and all, but how do we do that? Glad you asked!

*Reframing your mindset and outlook can be as simple as prioritizing your day. It's an easy way to lay out what to expect during your day, week, month; however long you see fit!

*Set your intentions and/or affirmations. Scream them from the rooftops! I mean, within If we are going to reframe our mindset, then we should start by setting our intentions as to why we are doing this.

*And here's a big one, mental clarity. How can we possibly reframe our mindset if our mind is cluttered? Simply put, we can't. Take a few minutes to figure out what you like to do for mental clarity:

- go for a walk

- meditate/pray

- take a hot bath

Whatever floats your boat! I'm here for you friend......just a conversation away <3!


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