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With the every day to day chaos, we can get bogged down with the all consuming narrative of negativity. It plays on our heart, soul, and mind. And if we are not careful, it becomes a cycle and playing out like Groundhog Day! This is where I want you to take a minute, or several, to reflect on how you spoke to yourself today. The questions, comments, remarks, tone, all of it. Would you talk to others that way???

Implementing new concepts into our brains can be tricky. The natural resistance and responses to comfort come to play full out. So, let's start small. To pop out of the negative and come play over in the positive, I want to ask you a question: WHAT ARE YOUR STRENGTHS?

Now, strength means different things for different people. That's why this is so fulfilling. Our strengths can be physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. For example, one of my strengths is resilience. I don't take failure as a loss, rather a gain. A change in my path if you will. Of course, I react with different emotions, but once those settle and the mental clarity comes, I can unpack what happened and take all of the amazing nuggets I've learned to apply them to the next time.

So what does that look like on you? Start your day with your strengths. List them, write them down, speak them out loud. Hey, you might just surprise yourself friend <3.


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