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The Construct of Time.

Our souls are eternal. The construct of time does not exist here. Good thing our souls are bigger than our physical body!

When you see the word time or hear it, what comes up for you? A quickness or lack thereof used to be my old mindset. Now, I am in full knowing that I am the creator of my construct of time. This leads to the other knowing that your dreams, goals, aspirations, are totally available to you always!

The fear of failure seems to creep its way up when we think of how much time we have. You only fail if you give up! Again, you only fail if you choose to give up on your dreams, wants, and needs! You can absolutely take a break as you should to regain energy in getting to your goals. There is fluidity in moving boundaries to adhere to this friend.

Take the daily or weekly step towards your dreams, don't stop, keep going, always <3!


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