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What are you upper limiting?

"When I reached my Upper Limit of how much positive feeling I could handle, I created a series of unpleasant thoughts to deflate me."

- Dr. Gay Hendricks

It's funny when I realized I was doing this to myself because I have felt and done this for so many years! But my most recent experience in being an entrepreneur smacked me right in the face.....I was doing it to myself. It almost feels as if I just am shy of being "good enough". I'm not here for that anymore. Take a few moments to reflect on all that you have done/accomplishment up to this point in life. Now of course there has been pain, struggle, doubt, and chaos along the way, but you are here. You are right here right now all because of you.

Why do we upper limit ourselves? Whether it be in your own business, in our marriage, the way we look, what we have accomplished, we cap it. We downplay it and then grab ahold of the negative thought that rises. How dare we feel immense joy and contentment, that would be silly! Cue the Simply put, we create the upper limitation of our empowerment by placing negative thoughts on the positive path. Is this you my friend? Think about the most recent happiness you have had and how long it lasted. Did you pick it apart? Did you feed your head the "this won't last forever" bs?

This is where the messy action matters. Where you take the steps to ensure that when you start to veer off the positive and happy path, you pump the brakes and re-align the wheel to your better self. I'm here to help you navigate, always. <3


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