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I would be lying if I said I have always had a clear view of what I wanted out of life. Truth is, it changes. Putting focus on getting to the vision; that's the meat and potatoes of it! Life can get messy and consuming. Hell, sometimes we don't even know what our vision of what we want looks like!

Cue me, the transformative life/nurse coach! Having an opportunity to have that conversation as what it is you are going for; that's the ultimate sign that you are ready to get that vision of YOUR creation! Ok, full transparency here people: if you could do it on your own, then you would be doing so. WE ALL need this help at times. You can be sure of one thing in life, that change is inevitable. It is just a matter of you putting it into motion and taking the actions to follow it through <3.

Nothing worth getting is easy. How many times have you heard that dinger?!?! Saying YES to YOU is a great start! I am so very passionate about this because I know first-hand what saying yes looks like and leaning hard into my vision can be! Let that healthy amount of fear guide you and not consume you. I'm right here when you're ready <3.


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