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Be The Light!

It's hard to see the light when we are going through the thick of it. Whether it's in the form of self-doubt, grief, self-sabotage, resentment; it can become all consuming. You can be sure that the light will illuminate what the dark hides.

When we take the time to see the positive versus the negative, our mindset begins to shift. It doesn't have to be in huge waves, rather small steps because they are none the less steps into the right direction of our choosing. This is one of the absolute things that is within our control. How we CHOOSE to view and react to any situation.

It has taken me consistent work in choosing to be the light, but the payoff is vast. It comes from such a place of gratitude which rolls into joy. It furthers my giving and fulfilling my purpose to help others in the capacity I do and how I choose to do so. From waking up and opening my eyes to laying in my comfy bed and falling asleep, I choose the positive, the light, the joy. With this I attract what I put out. Manifesting my dreams. Proving to myself that I am right where I am supposed to be.

Take the mere 2 minutes to set the tone of your day. Allow it to flow over you and within you. Feel the warmth hitting your face. YOU are a powerful being. YOU omit the beauty of life and all its joys. YOU are a force of greatness. Toxicity has no place with you.

I'm ready to shine my light on all, are you?


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