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Creating Space!

Does your heart skip a beat when you walk into your toddler's room (or any room for that matter) and it is completely cluttered?!?! Everything is just everywhere from corner to corner. But then once it is all cleaned up, a sigh and sense of complete relief happens.

Clutter = Chaos! That overwhelming feeling that hits you in the stomach is a direct result of your creative space being filled unintentionally. Your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual spaces work as one! So, if one is cluttered, you better believe the rest are feeling the effects!

Creating space, no matter what that is for you, is absolutely vital in refilling your well so you are able to do the things you do in the capacity you do them! How many times has clutter piled its way up to the top of your head and then winds up spuing out in places it shouldn't? Health, in all of its facets, requires you to slow down, take a step back, prioritize your needs, and move forward in being the best version of yourself for that day, month, year!

Let's not forget to take instant gratification completely off the table with this! Slow and steady wins the race my friend. No more wasting YOUR valuable, creative space on clutter and chaos that does not serve you! I'm here to get you started <3.


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