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Growing With Grief

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Grief is a forever evolving process. We never lose sight of just how close it is. It comes in many different forms for each of us. Balancing our day-to-day activities with the lingering thoughts and feelings of grief can be a challenge as it can become all-consuming if allowed. Mindset, nutrition, physical activity, stress relief, support; these are just a few things that play an imperative role in our ability to function in a healthy capacity. Health and wellness provide healing and pave a path in growing with grief.

Best version, here I come!

When we take the time to focus on us, just us, we walk a little taller, smile a little more, and see things thru a different lens. The question for many of us is where we put ourselves as a priority. Family, work, activities, household commitments; a constant daily reminder of what we continue to accomplish. Becoming the best version of yourself looks different for all of us in the many roles we have. The desire for change, leading to a happy, successful path, is in your capable hands. So, I ask you, what does the best version of you look like?

Be Present!

The fresh morning air, the beautiful bright sun, the crisp falling snow; soak it up. Take a second for a big deep breath in and out. Check in with yourself. What do you really need today? How is your stress level? What would make you happy today? Being present means more than existing. With all the distractions in our day-to-day lives, being present takes practice. Presence is imperative to re-align our focus on our goals for the day. There is no better time and place to be present then the present!


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