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This was a bit of a tricky one for me. Truth be told, I'm human, not perfect, and fall off my driven path if you will. So, I thought to myself, what is momentum for me and how do I keep it going?

Well let's start by stating momentum requires movement. What's your movement? Is it listening to an inspiring podcast, watching your favorite player on a sports team, reading an amazing quote that grabs ahold of you?

I'm going with my accomplishments. Big or small, they all have their place in my path of momentum. It's what I have conquered for the day, week, month, year, decade.

Of course, we live in reality not fantasy. Falling off "track" is also a part of my momentum. It allows me to reflect on what I'm truly grateful for and how hard I have worked to get there. That keeps the ball rolling my friend!

Even today, sitting here writing this; I took the time to ask others what keeps up their momentum. YOU. You all help in keeping me grounded, grateful, and humble which just furthers my drive to keep up my momentum <3!


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