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Fixer upper, rebuilding, making something old to new, rejuvenation, turning something bad into good; however you describe what overhaul means to you is true!

I always find that when the holidays are right around the corner, we have a tendency to dive into ourselves a little bit more. New year new you, right?

Why do we do that? Why does it have to be a New Year, a major event, or a huge change for us to turn the microscope inward? No better time than right now!

Think about the amount of energy; the cleared space; the capacity to fulfill so much more of yourself if you take the time to "overhaul" those thoughts into actions! Preparation to make YOURSELF the priority to do all that you do is a necessity to longevity, balance, and healing.

We make time for what we WANT to make time for. I can attest to this whole heartedly friends. I am a far better mother, wife, daughter, sister, cousin, friend, and yes Nurse Coach, when I have overhauled my narrative and put my action plan into work!

And just to be clear, we have to tear down to rebuild ourselves back up. It isn't always the best or most comforting process, but that's what fuels the desperate changes we need! So, where do YOU want to start.......


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